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Distributed Technology Solutions acts as a trusted Partner by performing Application, E-
commerce, and Content security-focused consulting services.

DTS is a dependable resource called upon to implement proactive policies and procedures to
prevent malicious network attacks.  Along with our high standards and best practices we deliver
high quality service level agreements to all of our clientele.  Our Certified Security Engineers
provide security solutions that are best suited for your business.

·        DTS will evaluate your network needs and align projects with your business goals at heart.
·        Provide highly customized network and information security solutions.
·        Create baseline for future security strategy.
·        Prioritize security enhancements.
·        Perform Enterprise Security Assessment-LAN/WAN & Wireless Assessments.
·        Implement a Vulnerability Assessment/Gap Analysis process.

Identifies security weaknesses/vulnerabilities –CyberForensic and Electronic Discovery
·        Penetration Testing
·        Multi-phased pen-testing process
·        Discovery & Detailed documentation

Design Enterprise Security Policies
·        Program Development & Implementation
·        Incident Response Policy
·        Wireless Planning and Implementation
·        Awareness Training and Workshops
·        Architecture enhancements
·        Technology Analysis and Integration
·        Authentication/Encryption Design
·        Application and Code Reviews
·        Interim CISO and CPO
·        Regulatory Assessments
·        Transition functional/technical requirements into standards and best practices

Protect & Detect /Manage & Monitor your network and vital information from:
·        Unauthorized user access
·        Exposure to viruses or malicious code
·        Dial-in abuse
·        Abuse of resources
·        System breaches
·        Network sabotage

Installation, Configuration & Managed
·        Firewall Protection
·        Authentication Methodologies
·        Remote Access and Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
·        Intrusion Detection
·        Virus and Malicious Code Protection
·        Vulnerability Protection
·        Incident Response & Forensics
·        CyberForensic and Electronic Discovery

Supporting web and Internet-based Managed Security Services.
·        Providing 24x7 support and availability
·        Managed Service Suites
·        Managed Defense Suites (FW,IDS,VA)
·        Network Integration Suite (Mergers & Acquisitions)
·        Incident Response
·        Provide immediate response to security related events, locally or remotely.
·        Thorough analysis of the situation and provide a measured response.
·        Rapidly recover lost or damaged information
·        Effective data recovery
·        Intruder alerts
Security Solutions