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Quantitative Analyst - Permanent/Full-Time

LOCATION: Jersey City-NJ, Santa Clara-CA, London-UK

Client is a leading liquidity provider in global markets specializing in ultra-high
frequency trading, seeks exceptional quantitative analysts to join our Electronic
Trading Group to join the effort to expand our successful, fully automated
computerized trading franchise to more asset classes. The Electronic Trading Group
has a hard-working cooperative environment.  Compensation is very competitive and
based on performance.  In addition to experience and expertise in the field, we are
looking for maturity, intelligence, enthusiasm, versatility, and most importantly
passion for quantitative strategy.

This position involves quantitative research, software development, production
analyses and improvement of quantitative trading strategies. The quantitative
research work includes analysis with respect to financial and mathematical theory,
creation of research plans, cleaning and processing of data, performing modeling,
evaluation, and simulations, and writing research reports and documentation.  

• PhD/MS in Computer Science, Math, Operations Research, Statistics, Math
Finance or similar field

• Extensive Knowledge of computer science: algorithms, data structures and
techniques. Although our production system is written in C++, no particular language
is required, but rather a good grasp of the fundamentals.

• Experience in financial services and/or statistical arbitrage is a plus but not required

• PhD and Post PhD experience highly valued

• Motivation and interest to apply mathematical and scientific techniques to the
trading and investment process

• Ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and work well in a team environment

•Highly competitive above market compensation tied to individual and business

•At least four weeks of vacation, ten days of bank holidays and six days of sick
leave per annum

•Team oriented environment that enables everyone to gain exposure to new markets
and ideas.  This includes teamwide meetings and regular social events so that
everyone has an opportunity to meet people working on a variety of projects.
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